Other Services

Design Assistance Our engineers routinely generate drawings for complex parts and can develop a CAD/CAM file to produce your CNC machined plastic or metal component.

Prototyping At AO Precision, we view prototyping as an opportunity to enhance, modify and test designs. Our experienced engineering staff guides clients through the design review process, making recommendations that may enhance product performance and reduce cost.

Production Turning and milling are the primary machining operations at AO Precision. Highly experienced technicians program and set up our CNC machining equipment for production machining jobs. Tumbling, washing, broaching, grinding, honing, and laser etching are secondary operations.

Laser Etching We utilize laser systems to permanently mark components after the finishing process is completed. On coated or painted metal, lasers create a high-contrast, high-resolution mark by utilizing the contrast between the under and top coats. On anodized aluminum, the laser bleaches the pigment, creating a good-contrast mark without compromising the anodization.

Assembly We have a fully dedicated assembly staff and mechanical assembly area.

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